Welcome to CArehart.org, site of ColdFusion troubleshooter Charlie Arehart, who serves the ColdFusion community with both consulting services and several free, deep resources:
  • Charlie's CF support/consulting services - Have you got CF Server troubleshooting challenges? Charlie's got solutions! He has helped over 1,000 customers with CF server troubleshooting, tuning migration, and security, as well as installation, configuration, and administration support (and training). He works primarily remotely (on-demand, very short-term help, no "remote access" required) or on-site visits can be arranged.
  • Charlie's blog - where he shares tips and news of value to CFML developers
  • Charlie's presentations - links to his past 100+ presentations to hundreds of user groups and nearly every CF conference
  • Charlie's articles - links to his 100+ articles for the Adobe CF Community Portal, Adobe DevCenter, FusionAuthority Quarterly Update, CommunityMX, CFDJ
  • The Online ColdFusion Meetup which Charlie hosts, an online CF user group with over 2,700 members
  • Charlie's UGTV - home to over 750 recordings of presentations by more than 300 popular CFUG speakers
  • Charlie's CF411.com site, a listing of over 2,000 tools/resources in more than 170 categories
  • Charlie's CF911.com site, a site focused on CF Server troubleshooting, with hundreds of links to resources
  • Charlie's resource lists - a compendium of dozens of resources to help CFML developers in a variety of ways, from getting into the Multiserver/multi-instance form of CF deployment, to using LogParser for log analysis, to ways to spy on ORM database interactions, and much, much more
Find Charlie's other resources and contributions.

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