Frequently Referenced Resources

Following are resources that Charlie frequent refers people to, gathered into one list for easy reference. They're listed in order of frequency of being referred to, rather than their recency (hey, old content can often be just as valuable years later--and Charlie will update any resource of his own when needed to reflect newly learned information, or will create a new one based on it). I will also add things here if they strike me as being of the sort that many of my readers may benefit knowing about (even if they may be too new for me to have yet "Referred people to them" frequently).

My own blog posts

(In order of frequency that I refer folks to them, not chronological order.) As long as we're here, here also are some that while perhaps not shared as often with others, they may be of value to many folks and could be missed in the sea of posts Charlie makes. Sure, he think each post is important, or he'd not write it. :-) But these may be of value to a wider audience than others. They're presented simply in order of most recent:

Adobe blog posts

Adobe resources

Blog posts or resources of others

Tools I often recommend

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