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Address: 411 Morgan Rd, Jamestown KY 42629 USA
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About Charlie Arehart

A veteran server troubleshooter with over thirty years experience in enterprise IT, Charlie Arehart (@carehart) is a longtime contributor to the community and has for several years been a recognized Adobe Community Professional, Adobe Forums MVP, and more. An independent consultant, he provides short-term, remote, on-demand troubleshooting/tuning assistance for organizations of all sizes and experience levels (

Charlie's also:
  • has given more than 100 presentations to hundreds of user groups and conference
  • blogs at
  • is a contributor to 10 CF books, including the CF10 Web Application Construction Kit (WACK) and all three volumes of both the CF8 and CF9 WACK books (by Ben Forta et al), and others
  • has written over 80 articles for the Adobe DevCenter, ColdFusion Developers Journal, Java Developers Journal, and more
  • is a certified Advanced CF Developer and Instructor for each version since CF 4
Charlie also runs several community resources, including:
  • the Online ColdFusion Meetup,, the world's largest CF user group with over 2,800 members
  • the CF411 site with over 2,000 resources and tools of interest to CFers
  • the CF911 site with thousands of references to information on CF server troubleshooting
  • the UGTV repository of recorded user group presentations from hundreds of speakers all over the world
Living in south central KY since 2015, Charlie serves customers worldwide in his consulting practice, with customers as varied as large organizations like UPS and CVS, as well as government agencies, hosting companies, and small to medium sized businesses (references, rates, resume/CV.)

Among his other accomplishments are:
  • Member, Adobe User Group Managers program
  • Adobe Certfied Instructor
  • Organizer of several other resources to help CFML developers in a variety of ways, including guides to getting started with multiple instances in CF, spying on ORM database interactions, and much much more
  • Co-author, ColdFusion 10 Web Application Construction Kit and of all 3 volumes of ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit as well the books, Adobe ColdFusion Anthology, the ColdFusion MX Bible, and still others:

  • Contributor to several podcasts over time, including being a regular panelist on The RIA Podcast (hosted by John Mason), a panelist or interviewee on The CFConversations Podcast, and the focus for several episodes on The Mura Show (where the episodes were about showing possibility of converting this site to run under Mura.)
  • Past member, Adobe Community Professionals program
  • Past member, CFUnited Advisory Board
Other resources he's created in the past, many with tips and info still relevant today:
  • Tipicalcharlie (a non-CF tip site he created in April 2005, with the demise of, but available via that link at the site)
  • His older CFMXPlus blog , from 2002-2003
  • His BlueDragon blog, from 2003-2006 (now defunct, with the demise of, but available via that link at the site)
  • His original tips list from 1998-2002, from before the days of blogging, at his former SysteManage site
  • Other resources he's contributed to the CFDJ (including a series of CF Advisor tips from 1999-2000) are available via CFDJ contributions (Articles and tips posted at CFDJ)

As additional background about his previous 15 years in enterprise IT (1982-1997) before getting into web apps, he worked with very large scale database systems, first in development then administration, doing the same sort of writing, speaking, mentoring that he now does related to web application management. He worked on some of the largest databases in the world at the US Health Care Financing Administration (now CMMS, then with 60 billion records) and the Australian Department of Social Security (now Centrelink).

It's amazing how much of that prior experience (building interactive applications and managing them and the database in a mainframe environment called Model 204) translated to the web and CF.

Indeed, from his days working with 204 back then, he ran still another resource (now long-gone, but accessible courtesy of the fantastic web archive):
  • The Ultimate 204 Site, which he ran for several years. (To those who find this and are looking for 204 help, Charlie has not worked with it since 1996 and can offer no useful assistance.)
For additional information about Charlie's 30+ years in IT, see his resume.

Specialties: Server Troubleshooting/Tuning; Admin/Config; Security; Monitoring, Debugging, and more; ColdFusion and Java Appliation Servers (Tomcat, JBoss, Wildfly, WebSphere, WebLogic, end); .NET; SQL Server

BTW, the site name is, not It's easy to mispell, so I've set up a honeypot to catch those who may search using that misspelling, to redirect them to the right place.

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