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Considering the London CF DevCon? It just got better: Ben Forta will be speaking

If any of you are on the fence about coming to the London CF Devcon in about 3 weeks (Thurs, Nov 9), here's still more motivation: Ben Forta will be speaking, giving the keynote.

Actually, we'll be bookends: he speaks first (9am) and I speak last (5pm). Now, normally I might be bummed by that, as some may want to duck out to avoid rush hour, etc. But in this event there will be many prizes given away after that last talk, as well as a post conference party, so people should really want to stick around! :-)

Anyway, for £49.99 (£60 at the door), it's a good value with lots of speakers and other activities. Get registered soon, both to help Russ Michaels with planning, and indeed in case it might sell out now!

(And don't forget about my day-long training the next day on FusionDebug and FusionReactor.)

just think of it this way...

Ben Forta is opening for -you-
He's the opening act...you're the main event :)
# Posted By charlie griefer | 10/16/06 3:00 PM
The main event's at 4:00 pm. :-)
# Posted By vinceb | 10/16/06 5:51 PM
Charlie, thanks, but there's no denying that Ben's "the man" when it comes to drawing a CF crowd. He and I have shared the stage many times, and it's always a treat, but I never confuse who's pulled in the majority of the audience. Of course, he always gets to show cool new stuff. (I've sometimes felt like Jack Nicholson as The Joker in Batman, when he says, "where does he get those wonderful toys?")

Of course, now that I'm in the Adobe Community Experts program and on the betas for various things, I at least can get a sneak peak at them--but still only Ben (or other Adobe folks) can talk about them (well, be the first to do so). So I hope over time I'll be back in the saddle with talks that many will find compelling. In the meantime, I've found many other areas of interest that I hope to drive people's attention to, such as I will with FusionDebug (and FusionReactor) in my talk at the conference.

And yes, I'm following Vince as well, who has some equally interesting "new toys" to show the audience. I hope folks will find all these and the other talks to be great value.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 10/17/06 10:12 AM
Charlie, you got the date slightly wrong in the post. The correct date is 9th not 8th ;)

# Posted By Trond Ulseth | 10/18/06 3:31 PM
Thanks, Tron. I've updated that as well as added a mention of my day-long training the next day on FusionDebug and FusionReactor. I appreciate the heads up.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 10/18/06 4:15 PM
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